December 11TH

18:00 - 22:00




eirini kartsaki

HERPES is a performance about desire, STI's and fantasizing about the Duchess of Cambridge. It considers the ways in which we have been told that we either need to have a baby or stop banging the whole world. And if we don’t, we will, of course, get herpes.

HERPES asks: What happens when you dream of being pregnant only to wake up and find yourself giving birth to a bad shit? What happens when everyone around you is pregnant and they only talk about nappies, pushchairs and motherhood? Herpes is a show about wanting to be who you are, without a big belly.

HERPES departs from an anxiety to do with growing up and not wanting to settle down, or settle in; it deals with a refusal to get on with it, or get it together; it kind of says: I do not want to pull myself together, I do not want to come to my senses. I want to live my life as if it is mine – but it is mine, it is mine and yet I still struggle to come to terms with that fact and ignore my mother’s wishes, my father’s hopes for me, which are easily summed up: get a husband, a good job, have a baby, have a mortgage, be sensible, be sensible, be sensible.

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mamoru iriguchi

RECIPIENT of the 2019 double thrills associateship

What You See When Your Eyes Are Closed / What You Don't See When Your Eyes Are Open
or Deathmatch: Mamoru vs Cyclops – a monster that sees the world through his sole eye as if he is a camera.
or Long Distance Love From The Gods To The Stage
or F**k NT Live

(all working titles)

on and on and on and on and on

greg sinclair

A woman dances in the streets of Strasbourg. She dances until she collapses; she rests and recommences. A voyeuristic crowd watches in confusion before they too feel compelled to dance. Together they dance to the point of exhaustion, collapse and even death.

500 years later a man dances in a theatre in Glasgow. He dances and dances and dances and dances and dances and dances and…

On and On and On and On and On is a new solo performance about group behaviour by Greg Sinclair. www.gregsinclair.net