April 24th

19:00 - 22:00





Oozing Gloop

THE GLOOP SHOW by the one and only Oozing Gloop - the worlds leading, green, autistic, drag queen - Taking you on a psychomagical trip from the universal AEIOU to the particular 3 3 3 2 2 (and back again.) On route we ramble through a dreamscape of handmade patchwork veils, gigantic vowels, masks, wigs and lashes.

As we spiral through the subconscious, our guiding green vagabond wielding a 7ft mascara wand assures that squares make squares, triangles make triangles and doing things… does stuff.

To the accompaniment of Bonnie Tyler and Bette Davis THE GLOOP SHOW re-stitches the fabric of our reality and charts sublime new political territories. This is your survival guide to the 21st century!

Access: BSL Interpreted


Mullet Over is a series of informal chats accompanying Double Thrills.

Join us in the Cinema from 18:00, and in the bar during the break to meet people and engage a little deeper in the work being presented in a chilled and welcoming environment.

Guest speaker: Owen Parry

Owen G. Parry is an artist and researcher based in Edinburgh. He has an expanded performance, visual arts and research practice, working on subjects including trash, queer performance, fandom, fascism and Yoko Ono. Owen initiated the ‘Fan Riot’ project (http://fanriot.tumblr.com/) exploring an increased resonance between fandom and art practice since the internet, which includes a fan club series, workshops, publications, performances and artworks. see: http://owengparry.com/

Fan Club 5: Backmask Fanbot Devilworship Partycode

Backmasking is a recording technique in which a sound or message is recorded backward onto a track and involves a process by which fans seek out secret meanings (often conspiratory, satanic or otherwise) in recorded songs. What happens if we apply backmasking to art and performance to uncover their hidden possible readings and meanings? What new ridiculous, imaginative and dangerous visions and insights might it offer?

Participants in Fan Club 5 will be invited to hit reverse and delve deeper into the performances on offer at Double Thrills to explore their latent hidden meanings.

Fan Club 5 is part of a series of Fan Clubs created by Owen G. Parry as part of his ongoing Fan Riot project exploring the figure of the fan as an unassuming model for invention, mobilization and revolt. More info: http://fanriot.tumblr.com/

Access: BSL interpreted

Image credit: Laurie Brown

Everything Will Be Perfect!

Bea Webster and Jamie Rea returns as deaf intergalactic drag queens Lyn Chee and Vikki Ryan as they make their return to Earth once again…

We have discovered the recipe of how to make the perfect show for humans! The show will be full of extraordinary possibilities! Full of ideal communication! Full of wonderful ideas! Everything will absolutely run smoother than expected! It is FULLYaccessible! It’s quite amazing, frankly! Be amazed by our glory…

Everything will DEFINITELY be perfect.

Image credit: Lyn Chee and Vikki Ryan at Take Me Somewhere Sticky by Tiu Makkonen


Gabriele Longega

ice cream for fags posing as dykes pretending to be stone butches

“They take a place and make a place. They make an impossible place to take place. They describe, circumscribe, inscribe a spectacular space.”

Following their recent performances, Gabriele’s work ‘Pyramida’ continues to engage with the indeterminacy of a queer utopia, exploring the possibilities of creating an alternative spatiality and temporality to the capitalist normative language.


Access: BSL Interpreted

Image credit: Gabriele Longega


The piecing together of a person


During this newly realised artwork, Eothen will explore the word fabric in its true sense, via live action; costume, movement, prose, song, and sampled sound. Eo will present you with an abundance of fabric offerings, tracing a trajectory from traditional textile use, to biogenetics. This artwork brings to life the many voices that inhabit us, exemplifying ways in which we enact and perform our internal and external body-fabrications daily.

An attention will be given to the umbrella term, fabric, as it possesses mutational properties and has obvious gender connotations. But there is further interest for the invisible entities possessed by fabric... At the forefront of understanding fabric is our own make-up and societal structure. Fabric is an interlacing material, a bodily tissue, fabric can even be a building’s interface. Eo will use the broad strokes of fabric, to grasp and situate everyday politics, unraveling how and why things operate in the way in which they do.

The piecing together of a person, is housed within a meticulously handcrafted ‘economy of objects’ theatre set. Through which, Eo will work with the practicalities of fabric’s status to gender. As an audience member you will spend time in this set with CAMP and Drag idioms whom are saved by, and define what it means to fetishize fabric, from a personal, to an industrial revolution. Spending time with the importance of living and presenting oneself in a way that feels right, and the pressures from oppressive everyday scenarios to judge difference. During this artwork new constellations and iterations of passion, fantasies, realities, and relations will come into being, engulfed by fabric, conjuring new possibilities of representations.

Come witness an act of joining and pinning down Queer Feminist ideas, that could mend, repare, unite, and sew (up) bad situations!

www.eothenstearn.com / https://difficultband.bandcamp.com/album/difficult

Access: BSL Interpreted

Image credit: Eothen Stearn